About Us

DTLink Technologies Corporation


Started as a team of seasoned engineers focused on providing innovative solutions, in partnership with different systems integrator and product distributors as part of their technical arm, by providing support in their requirements for CCTV camera and fingerprint scanner for time keeping. We also giving support on their requirements for access control installation, including structured cabling for network infrastructure requirement and Fire Alarm System for their customer’s assets protection. 

With our extensive industry knowledge and product expertise, we confidently provide utmost support to our clients from design to implementation, testing and commissioning including safety supervision and project management.   

As our clients‘ trusted business ally, we have gain exponential growth and continuous demands on our services and support. With these efforts, DT Link Corporation has emerged from being an essentially  service organization to a turnkey solution provider in the field of Connectivity, Safety and Security, and Automation and Control.  

DTLink Technologies main areas of expertise focused on Network Infrastructure development, Security Systems design and implementation for industrial clients and also on corporate verticals, and Automation Solutions for industrial controls and building management systems with emphasis on security and loss prevention including fire alarms and access control.    

By making best use of the constant inflow of extensive experience and technical capabilities as well as the financial and organizational strengths of DTLink Technologies Corporation, we can offer confidence, stability, and protection of investment to a large number of customers.   

Having realized that support and services are the indispensable part of DTLink Technologies' products and solutions, we have partnered with industry-leading Principals and Distributors to channelize the distribution of these products and solutions to our valued customers. Our journey of progress is being consistent due to our philosophy and taking pride in delivering integrated solutions to our customers based on our commitment. 



To emerge as a global player in our respective area of operation thereby ensuring a leading position in the market in which takes precedence all the time and is reflected in our work life 



In constant-pursuit to meet customer's needs and exceed client's expectations, we are driven to provide high-quality products that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful partnership with our Customers and Principals.  

Core Competency



Our partnership with the trusted brands in Connectivity, Safety and Security, and Automation and Control products gives us a competitive edge to provide superior quality products and services and to establish credibility in the global market, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective, professional and above industry standards support. We constantly work in developing a mutually beneficial supplier relationship in order to improve the quality, cost, and delivery commitment. DTLink Technologies is always in pursuit of defining innovative ways to improve the quality of our products and services, thus, we encourage candid partnership with our clients to monitor and established our Service Excellence.  



DTLink Technologies' main competitive advantage is extensive industry knowledge and strong product advancement capability coupled with a well-trained technical team. We design and provide clearly defined security and automation solutions tailored-fit to the requirements our customers, thus exceed our client's expectations. We believe that both quality and innovation in the services we provide build enduring partnerships which effectively contribute to the productivity and profitability of our customers.  



DTLink Technologies' commitment is to develop reliable products and services focused on Connectivity, Safety and Security, and Automation and Control Solutions to accurately meet our clients' needs. We ensure that the solutions we design and implement are utilizing modern and tested technologies that are aligned with the Industry Standards and Engineering Best Practice.   

Guiding Principles



We will be respectful, empathetic, responsive, quality focused, caring and consistent in all customer relations. We will always keep the customer at the forefront of our decisions and our actions.   


In all facets of our business, our actions shall remain consistent. We will gain trust by honoring our commitments, exemplifying honesty and integrity to our customers, our employees and our community.  


Each member of our team agrees to be accountable for ownership of their actions in relation to other members of the team, our various partners and especially to our customers.  


  Every member of the DTLink Technologies team will contribute their individual time and talent in a coordinated effort to ensure the company will consistently meet its’ strategic goals. We will communicate our Vision, Mission, and Values in a clear, consistent and transparent manner so that all team members understand their role and requirements in achieving these goals.  


The products, services, and solutions that we deliver to our customers will represent the leading edge in our industry. We will partner with Principals that are forward looking and that will provide us with the highest quality products yet cost-effective.